reid hensarling 2021 Kathy Hulin t bob johnson 2021
The Rev. Dr. Reid Hensarling
The Rev. Kathy Hulin
Assistant to the Rector
The Rev. Bob Johnson
Deacon/Director of Outreach
Lora Karr
Church Administrator
Tony Comegys
Director of Communications
Kerry Charlet
Director of Accounting
kimberly milton 2023  marissa charles hulin 2021
Kimberly Milton
8:50 a.m. Music Director
Marissa Beck-Dean
10:50 a.m. Music Director
Dr. Charles Hulin, IV
Parish Pianist
 nick klemetson Ggreighton hernandez  Chelsea Young 20181125
Nick Klemetson
Parish Organist
Greighton Hernandez
Director of Nursery & Children's Ministries
Chelsea Young
Children's Associate
 isaiah paulec  t dr alan snyder  priscillaschandyouth
Isaiah Paulec
Youth Group Leader
Dr. Alan Snyder
Priscilla Baez
 dianne philbrick  robert misenheimer 2021-2  tim godwin
Dianne Philbrick
Robert Misenheimer
Audio Engineer
Tim Godwin
Senior Sexton

Church Leaders

andy reed
Steve Watson
Michael Strickland
Andy Reed
Senior Warden
 jeff kline Stacey murphy 2021 everisvestry 2018
Jeff Kline
Junior Warden
Stacey Murphy
Clerk of the Vestry
Everis Fairchild
Lector Warden
 cherylcantrall2017 betsywatson2017
Cheryl Cantrall
Worship Council
Bill Cook
Worship Council
Betsy Watson
Director of the Altar Guild
Joan Mann
Director of the Bookstore
Wes Cowley
Steward Warden
Stacey and Patrick Murphy
Acolyte Wardens
roger 2019 susan2017professional elsanail16
Roger Van Duyn
Parish Photographer
Susan Waldron
Nursing Home Visitation
Elsa Nail
Director of St. Clare's Guild

Regular Weekly Worship Service Schedule

In-Person Services

  • Saturday - 4 p.m., Holy Eucharist Service
  • Sunday - 7:30, 8:50, and 10:50 a.m., Holy Eucharist
  • Wednesday - 12:10 p.m., Healing Prayer Service
  • Friday - 6:15 a.m., Morning Prayer

Live Streamed Services

Watch on our website, Facebook, or YouTube!

  • Sunday - 8:50 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite II
  • Sunday - 10:50 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite II

Order of Service Download

pdfHoly Eucharist Rite II 850 The Fourth Sunday in Lent.pdf

pdfHoly Eucharist Rite II 1050 The Fourth Sunday in Lent.pdf

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