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About Outreach at All Saints'

All Saints’ recognizes that we are called by God to be His representatives and His presence in the world. We seek to serve our community by focusing on potent partnerships and meaningful opportunities to put our Christian faith into action. Thank you for visiting our Outreach page and taking the time to learn more about this exciting ministry.

Our Partner Charities

In an effort to make the greatest possible impact All Saints' has focused our giving and congregation support on the seven local charities listed below. Each of these Christian-based charities have proven themselves to be leaders in their respective areas. 

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All Saints' Outreach Committee

The All Saints' Outreach Committee (shown below) is comprised of a committed group of congregants who have devoted their time and talents to serve this ministry. Pictured (L to R) at a recent luncheon featuring Sheriff Grady Judd are David Fernandez, Bob Scarr, (Sheriff Grady Judd), Fr. Reid Hensarling, The Rev. Kathy Hulin, Ed Headington, Jeff Cox, and Deacon Bob Johnson.

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North Lake Wire

Our mission at All Saints’ Episcopal Church is to lead all people into a deeper relationship with God and each other in Christ and to transform our community and influence the culture.

For decades, our church has practiced this mission by giving to the community in the form of ourselves, money, and witnessing the Word of God to our neighbors. As God moves us, we have ventured more and more into nearby communities to offer ourselves to do His work. Over the last few years, All Saints’ has been returning, month after month to the North Lake Wire area of Lakeland. Originally, this area was considered a high crime and often unsafe to visit. Lately, the Lakeland Police have reported a drastic reduction in major crimes in the area. This has been attributed, in part, to the presence of our caring Deacon, Reverend Bob Jonson who has led our parish volunteers to pick up trash, deliver food, mow grass, and get to know the beautiful people of North Lake Wire. 

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Opportunities to Serve

All Saints' not only support our charities financially we also collaborate with them, participate in their key events, and actively look for opportunities to serve alongside them. Get up, get moving, and get involved!

  1. Lake Wire Ministry
  2. Samaritan’s Purse
  3. Talbot House banquet
  4. A Woman's Choice's Walk for Life Event at Lake Hollingsworth
  5. St. Nicholas Project
  6. VISTE Thanksgiving Meal Delivery
  7. Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Senior Orphans of Polk County

Many of us complain about trying to live off a few thousand dollars a month, let alone $600 per month. Yet right here in Polk County, many seniors are forced to live off this meager income. They are faced with the choice of eating or buying much-needed medications on a daily basis. Sadly, many have discovered that Social Security isn't enough. Senior Orphans was founded to help those in need, and your contributions can make such a difference in the lives of so many. With your donations, thousands of needy seniors get help with their day-to-day living expenses.

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