Gathering for Worship

Our Five In-Person Worship Services

All of our services have Holy Communion (Lord's Supper) and follow the liturgy found in the Book of Common Prayer.

Wednesday 6:00 p.m. – (No music) The focus of this service is to meet the need of those needing a midweek service and those who desire a service before attending their Parish Academy classes at 7:00 p.m. We worship in the nave September through May and in the chapel during the summer months.

Saturday 4:00 p.m. – (Organ Meditations) The focus of this service is to meet the needs of those who have to work on Sundays or those who prefer to worship in the afternoon with a more intimate fellowship. 

Sunday 7:00 a.m. – (No Music) The focus of this service is to meet the needs of those who rise early and value worship using the Rite I liturgy. 

Sunday 8:50 a.m. – (Piano & Organ/Song Leaders/Congregational Songs) The focus of this service is to meet the needs of those who desire worship with a broad range of musical style, and worship that finishes earlier to meet family and personal needs. Student acolytes serve, Children's Church and nursery care are provided, and we have opportunities for special services with our children and youth. 

Sunday 10:50 a.m. – (Organ/Choir/Episcopal Hymns) The focus of this service is to meet the needs of those wanting to attend church later in the morning, who desire music oriented to the Episcopal Hymnal only, sung music settings, sung Psalm, and more ceremonial worship. Student acolytes serve, and Children's Church and nursery care are provided.


What to Expect in Our Services: Our Practices and Traditions

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In worship, you will be our respected and welcomed guest...

Our stewards will greet you, and try to meet your every need. They will give you a worship bulletin and you may sit wherever you are most comfortable.

As you enter our nave, you will experience an atmosphere of beauty and reverence. Episcopal churches are built in many architectural styles; but large or small, elaborate or plain, your eye will be drawn to the altar and historical stained glass windows. Your emotions and thoughts will be taken at once to God in this ambiance of holiness.

We observe the traditional Christian worship seasons - Advent, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost. Our sanctuary allows you to experience many worship arts, particularly the radiant colors of these changing holy seasons in which time is sanctified.

It is the custom upon entering the church to kneel for a prayer of personal preparation for worship and to avoid excessive conversation. In many churches it is also the custom to bow when entering and leaving the pew. This is an act of respect and reverence for the saving work of Christ and the sovereignty of God.

Standing before the pews, there is a lectern and a pulpit.

All Saints' worship involves the congregation. In the pews, you will find the Book of Common Prayer, the use of which enables the congregation to share fully in worship. We also have Bibles in the pews for study and reflection.

You may wonder when to stand, sit, and kneel. A general rule is that we stand to sing, to say the Creed and for the reading of the Gospel. We sit during anthems, readings of the Bible, and the sermon. We kneel for prayer to show our gratefulness to God for accepting us as His children and as an act of humility before God.

Our main worship is the Holy Eucharist, which means 'thanksgiving', thus the central focus of Episcopal worship is the altar, the saving work of Christ.

While parts of the service are always the same, others change. At Holy Eucharist, for example, two Bible selections are read. These change each Sunday, as do the psalms. Certain prayers also change according to the worship season. Page numbers for parts of the service are printed in the worship bulletin you receive from the steward.

At the end of worship, some people kneel for personal prayer before leaving. Others sometimes sit to listen to the organ postlude, which is quite beautiful and inspiring.

Following the service, the clergy will greet you as you depart. Be sure to let them know if you are a guest. Refreshments are served at the entrance.




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Scripture Readings for The Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost

First Lesson Deuteronomy 34:1-12
Psalm Psalm 1
Second Lesson 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8
The Holy Gospel Matthew 22:34-46

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