Our mission at All Saints’ Episcopal Church is to lead all people into a deeper relationship with God and each other in Christ and to transform our community and influence the culture.

For decades, our church has practiced this mission by giving to the community in the form of ourselves, money, and witnessing the Word of God to our neighbors. As God moves us, we have ventured more and more into nearby communities to offer ourselves to do His work. Over the last few years, All Saints’ has been returning, month after month to the North Lake Wire area of Lakeland.

Originally, this area was considered a high crime and often unsafe to visit. Lately, the Lakeland Police have reported a drastic reduction in major crimes in the area. This has been attributed, in part, to the presence of our caring Deacon, Reverend Bob Jonson who has led our parish volunteers to pick up trash, deliver food, mow grass, and get to know the beautiful people of North Lake Wire. 

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