Lakeland is a beautiful community located between Tampa and Orlando. All Saints' is located in the historical district, and we are an important part of the spiritual heart of downtown Lakeland.

We believe that God has assigned a unique role to All Saints’ Episcopal Church. The central value of All Saints’ Episcopal Church is to make an impact on the world with the message of Jesus Christ.

In Romans 1:16 , Paul says, “I am not ashamed of the message of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.” At All Saints’ we believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only thing that can transform and sustain a person's life and lifestyle. Our church is dedicated to presenting this message so that every person is given an opportunity to understand and believe the gospel.

Who We Are

Here are some phrases that describe us at All Saints':

  • Faithful to the Holy Scriptures;
  • A warm and loving fellowship;
  • Intentional and joyful about our worship;
  • Anglo-Catholic and Evangelical;
  • Family-friendly;
  • Part of Lakeland's downtown revitalization;
  • Focused on preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • A heart for outreach to our Lakeland community;
  • A place for all ages to grow as Christ's disciples and to serve Him.

What We Believe

We are part of the Anglican Communion and we profess the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds.

We are part of The Episcopal Church and we believe the catechism found in our Book of Common Prayer.

As Protestants, our beliefs are shaped by scripture, tradition, and reason, and we recognize the significance of the two sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ: Holy Baptism and Holy Eucharist.

Sacraments of the Church

Holy Baptism - Observed on Saturdays or Sundays after a season of preparation and when a candidate is ready. We baptize individuals of any age.

Holy Eucharist - Observed at our weekly services. Received by all baptized individuals. Rites of the Church which have a sacramental nature: 

  • Confirmation - Observed every other year in the winter/spring. For individuals who desire to learn about The Episcopal Church and profess their faith in Christ.
  • Ordination - For individuals who feel called to serve the Church as Deacon, Priest, or Bishop.
  • Reconciliation of a Penitent - For individuals who wish to confess their sins and receive absolution.
  • Holy Matrimony - For a man and a woman to be observed after a period of pre-marital counseling with clergy.
  • Holy Unction - For individuals needing healing and/or last rites.

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