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We are so thankful for the many gifts and passions of our members. Chris Brown and her husband John Lind have been sharing their gifts with the church for over 7 years in a quiet, but important way. Have you ventured into the Heritage Center, lately? 

There are over 44 books filled with “Memories” in terms of letters, photos, or other items related to All Saints’ history. Chris is the creative talent behind those books and John is her support staff. The book pictured is the first book assembled by Chris for the Heritage Center.

Chris has been making scrapbooks for many years. In fact it was a book of Australia that she had just completed and shown Fr. Al when events fell into place. Little did she know that Fr. Al had been looking for someone to archive all of the wonderful events going on at All Saints’ in order to preserve our history. He told Chris, “You’re hired!” and ever since then she has been the curator for this unique room in the administrative lobby area. 

Chris has been putting scrapbooks together for many years. She says she has always loved history and since we didn’t have much documented for Rev. Weddell and many of the other Rectors, it would be nice to document things both going backwards and moving forwards. Her latest book is for Deacon Bob and all of the events that he has been involved in with All Saints’ church as well as in the community of Lakeland. A great reference to our church’s history is located on our website, simply click this HISTORY link to view the full page. 

Chris has learned a lot and enjoyed asking other long-established members about our history. She also enjoys going through old bulletins to see how things were done earlier in our church’s history. One example, members were encouraged to provide a warm meal for our returning military members who would greatly appreciate a home-cooked meal following World War II.

It is a true labor of love what Chris and John do for this ministry. Stop by to the Heritage Center, if you have not been in a while, and get lost in our rich history.


Scripture Readings – The Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

First Lesson Jeremiah 29:1,4-7
Psalm Psalm 111
Second Lesson 2 Timothy 2:8-15
The Holy Gospel Luke 17:11-19

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