Thank you to everyone who helped to support this past week of mission work and time with the students. We had over 80 students with us and a myriad of adults to help lead and volunteer at various job sites. It could not have happened without the tremendous support of our dedicated church staff, youth volunteers, and youth parents. It also could not have happened without the participation and support of our Outreach Committee and supporting members of the congregation who loaned resources and their time to be available throughout the week. Thank you to everyone!

Job sites that received our offerings of ministry included: Inreach needs, Lake Wire, Anchor House Ministries, The Dream Center, VISTE clients, Parker Street Ministries, A Woman’s Choice, Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, City of Lakeland, TLC Animal Shelter, and Lakeland Police and Fire Departments. Our teams were at 6 – 8 different job sites at any given time. Thank you teens and leaders for all you did to touch lives and ministries in Lakeland.

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