Mid-Week Inspiration

For regular churchgoers, Sunday is always a high point in the week. With all the stress the week may bring, it is easy to lose that high feeling and God can seem to be further away. Whether you are a Sunday only or not a churchgoer at all, All Saints’ offers a mid-week opportunity to capture the uplift or solace you seek at 12:10 pm each Wednesday in St. Mary's Chapel. You can attend the all important Eucharist service complete with an inspiring message from celebrants, Fr. Reid Hensarling and Rev. Kathy Hulin, on the Bible readings of the day.

The service offers a time for personal prayer and praise led by members of the Order of St. Luke. You can participate in special intercessions for the sick or those with any other difficulty. The chapel offers an intimate environment that allows for a very personal relationship with Christ. The mid-week experience does not end there. Following the service Chef Bruce prepares a delicious, inexpensive lunch downstairs in Moses Hall where you can meet other fellow worshippers and Clergy to make for a very uplifting mid-week day.

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