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Henry Spake, New Youth Verger

We recently installed Henry Spake as a Youth Verger. Over the last year, Henry has been training with a different verger each month.  It has been a year of training and hard work. As Youth Verger, Henry's responsibilities include assisting with acolyte training; assisting acolytes during services, if needed; serve as scheduled and at special services, as needed; be familiar with the church safety and emergency policies and know where the fire extinguishers and AEDs are located.

The ministry of verger is ancient and means "he or she who carries the Virge before the procession." The ‘Virge’ is the staff and in olden days was used to ensure that processions were not impeded during worship which was an important duty in the Middle Ages.

Vergers at All Saints' have a ceremonial role.  We are responsible for overseeing the preparation before worship, assisting during worship, and helping at the end of worship services, which frees the clergy and laity to focus on their duties in worship leadership.

Vergers at All Saints' are appointed by the Rector and serve at his direction. We have to be dedicated and well trained. Much of the verger’s work goes unnoticed, but our reward comes from the honor of being able to serve our parish behind the scenes and at the altar so that all of us may enjoy worship that is beautiful and appropriate.

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