Women’s Day Gathering

“I will bless you; you shall be a blessing; I will bless those who bless you.” (Gen. 12:2-3 )

The morning of Saturday, Sept. 21, was full of “white polished blessings” for the 45 women who attended All Saints’ Women’s Retreat. I was fortunate to be among them.

The half-day event began at 9:30 a.m. with fellowship and a continental breakfast in Moses Hall and then moved to the nave for a time of musical worship with Rebecca Borneman. Rebecca provided us with 30 minutes of beautiful instrumental meditations and musical reflections. Participants also joined together to sing “Blessed Assurance” and other inspirational songs.

Following our worship through music, we were treated to a motivational message from The Rev. Kay Ruhle, who used white pearls to illustrate the many blessings Jesus provides in our lives. She even wore a strand around her neck to remind us of how important it is to count our many blessings from God.

Some takeaways from her message:

  • Using our talents to bless others in word and deeds makes us instruments of God.
  • Blessings may look very different than we expect them to look.
  • God is good all the time. Expect blessings in, through and according to his loving – yet challenging – commands.
  • Be blessed for asking for and/or seeking the heavenly perspective in your situation.
  • Blessing God makes us grateful subjects.

Deacon Kay encouraged us to reframe our thinking to seek “Your will, not mine” and added, “When you get a ‘no’ from God, look for the greater yes. There is always a greater yes.” 

Before she concluded, Deacon Kay suggested we use our birthdays, or other special occasions, to make a list of all of our blessings. “If you’re turning 65, write down 65 blessings God has given you,” she suggested. “This can also be wonderful exercise for Thanksgiving.” The idea especially resonated with me since my birthday is ON Thanksgiving Day this year!

As the morning came to a close Rev. Kathy Hulin led the women in a time of soaking prayer and meditation. I left the church feeling renewed, inspired and very, very blessed.

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