Fall Compassion Day in the N. Lake Wire Community

Our fall Compassion Day in the N. Lake Wire Community brought many people together to bless residents of the neighborhood in the name and love of Jesus Christ. Over 140 All Saints' members participated and were joined by members of New Beulah Missionary Baptist Church, Police Chief Ruben Garcia and officers of the Lakeland Police Department, City Commissioner Walker, President and Vice President of the N. Lake Wire neighborhood association, City of Lakeland, Major Corbett and the Salvation Army, LVIM, The Dream Center, and students from Southeastern University.

Deacon Bob Johnson welcomed us and invited several community and city leaders to bring words of greeting. Mike Cooper, Director of The Dream Center, asked us to "let God do a work in your heart today." An associate minister from our host site New Beulah Missionary Baptist Church said, "allow the Holy Spirit to lead us." Commissioner Walker thanked us for "reaching across the aisles, so to speak, to partner together." Police Chief Ruben Garcia thanked us for coming out "to make our city strong."

When speaking one-on-one with Ruben Garcia, he praised the work of these Compassion Days for making residents more aware that people and the city care for them. He has seen street prostitution decrease since we started our efforts. He also believes that there is a message of hope that we are imparting to the neighborhood.

Resident and President of the Neighborhood Association Kimberly Draine has been grateful for the "consistent presence" that we are demonstrating. She and the vice president helped to partner with us in delivering food bags to their neighbors throughout the neighborhood. 

Resident Betty Williams had the outside of her house painted. "It's a blessing to see so many of us come together," she said. "I'm very proud. It does my soul real good."

Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine and Options for Women were available to share about their medical services, and Code Enforcement Officer Angii Kaiser was hard at work with a team cleaning out overgrown vegetation. She said that these biannual clean-up projects "help against blight, close cases out, and other residents appreciate it."

Deacon Bob Johnson was pleased that so many came out to show Christ's love to the neighborhood, whether through physical means or through emotional support. He was also encouraged by the renewed partnership with the local neighborhood association.

Thank you to all who supported the day. May the Lord continue to bless our service to the Lakeland community!


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