Using the map, you'll be able to find us in downtown Lakeland. Click on the map at the very bottom of this page and you can get step by step instructions courtesy of Google Maps.

We have plenty of parking. We are the only church in Lakeland with plenty of covered parking. That is important in hot or rainy weather!

In addition, we have a shuttle service that will carry you to the entrance. All you have to do is step out and enjoy!


All Saints' has numerous parking spaces, most of which are covered parking spaces. This is a great asset on a Sunday morning when you return from worship. No other church in Lakeland has covered parking!

Sunday parking is available on the streets surrounding the church building on the east, west, and south sides. Handicap parking is available in the church parking lot.

Here is a breakdown of our parking:

1. 400 + Spaces - No fee covered parking garage with shuttle service behind the church building on Iowa Avenue. Keeps your car cool and out of the weather. Kids love to ride the shuttle. LOTS of parking spaces!

2. 15 Spaces - Church parking lot directly behind the church on Iowa Avenue. Spaces are for handicap parking. There is a covered drop off area. 


3. 28 Spaces - City Hall parking lot next to the church parking lot behind the church building on Iowa Avenue.

4. 15 Spaces - Sunday parking on Iowa Avenue behind the church building and City Hall.

5. 9 Spaces - Sunday parking in front of the church building on Massachusetts Avenue. This is very convenient for the 7:30 a.m. service and spaces are taken by 10:30 a.m. for the late service.

6. Nine Spaces - Beside City Hall on Orange Street.

7. Sixty-five Spaces - City parking lot at the corner of Orange Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue.


People also park around the FedEx block because they plan to go to lunch at a downtown restaurant after Sunday School and worship.

Drop offs may also be made in front of the church. Husbands and fathers often do this for their family and the wives save them a seat. Families also drop off those who have health problems. When worship is over, the same area is used to pick the family or person up.


If you park in the City Garage behind the church, which is covered parking and will keep your car nice and cool,
we have a shuttle service that will pick you up and carry you to the rear entrance of the church!



City Garage Behind the Church


Church Parking Lot


Sunday Shuttle Service for those Parking in the City Garage

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